#HelpingHand - Saving Moses

If your heart aches when you hear about kids starvation and children exposed to prostitution, this is the organization you want to help!


Afghanistan | Saving Moses

Saving Moses works in four rural clinics in Afghanistan to address this urgent need by preparing midwives to save lives every day, funding postnatal vaccinations, and teaching basic life-saving skills in communities.

Cambodia | Saving Moses

NightCare operates much like a daycare center except it runs over night. Mothers drop off their babies to our center before they go to work. The babies then receive a bath, clean clothes, a nutritious meal, time for play, a lesson, and are put to bed until their mothers pick them up in the morning.

Saving Moses | Saving Babies Every Day!

We fund and establish revolutionary programs in nations of the world that record the highest infant mortality rate and where babies of sex workers are most susceptible to exploitation.

Helping Hand